BMW’s 3.0 litre Twin-Turbodiesel won the 2.5 to 3.0 litre category in the International Engine of the Year awards. With this new-found expertise on how to mate an engine with a turbocharger, they are going for a new petrol twin-turbo engine for their E92 335i.

The E92 is a two-door coupe form of the 3-series. The sedan was designated E90 and the touring stationwagon was the E91.

BMW’s new coupe will be called the 335i. The 35 in the model name does not mean the car will have a 3.5 litre engine under the hood.

BMW will actually be turbocharging their in-line 6 cylinder 3.0 litre engine from the 330i with twin-turbos. The turbos are sequential, one small one for the low revs and a bigger one for the higher revs. The resulting power is equivalent to a 3.5 litre normally aspirated engine, which explains the 335i insignia that will be on the bootlid.

Their new twin-turbo petrol engine is expected to make about 330hp, roughly 70hp higher than the normally aspirated 3.0 engine. The engine is currently being tested on their 5-series model with a modified bumper to allow better airflow for the intercooler.

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