Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mah Siew Keong has issued a response to Datuk Shahrir’s comment on local content in Proton cars.

The Government encourages Proton to use as much local content as possible to develop the parts and component industry. This is also vital to achieve and maintain quality in Protons range of cars and for competitive pricing. Our car industry must have quality. Where it wants to source its parts from, that is up to Proton, but we encourage the use of local content. It’s up to Proton to decide the proportion of local content in it’s cars.

Well then, since according to Datuk Mah it’s not a government imposed rule, let’s see if Proton takes this path in the future as part of it’s struggle to improve it’s competitiveness. Datuk Mah agreed with Shahrir that automotive vendors who could not be compettive after 20 years should increase quality and competitiveness or close down.