Whenever I look at the Honda Accord Euro I can just hear it sing out “Don’t you wish your Accord was hot like me?” to me. It’s just so hot. Our Honda Accord is actually known as the Honda Inspire in Japan, but the bigger Accords are always chosen because it suits our Malaysian market tastes. This is the real 2006 Honda Accord, which has just gone through a facelift.

This is more than just a looks makeover, the new 2006 Honda Accord Euro has been updated with new features to enhance your driving experience. The 2.0 litre model has a refined K20 engine which makes it’s peak torque at an engine speed 500rpm lower than the previous model. The new engine has also been fitted with a Drive-By-Wire throttle. The turbodiesel 2.2 i-CTDi model also gets a new 6 speed transmission.

In the technology department, you have a few funky acronyms to play around with. ADAS which comprises of LKAS and ACC. ADAS is Honda’s Advanced Driving Assist System, found in the 2.4 litre model.

LKAS (Lane Keeping ASsist System) has cameras mounted behind the windscreen and processes video feeds from the camera. It then calculates the optimum steering torque to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane.

ACC is Adaptive Cruise Control. It uses a millimetre-wave rader mounted inside the front grille to measure distance from the Accord to the vehicle ahead, and together with data from speed and yaw sensors it regulates the car speed and ensures a safe distance is kept.

If you really have the moolah, try getting Naza or some other grey importer to import one in. Guaranteed to make head turns when you drive by.