small_celica.jpgNew scandal related to Approved Permits! The Royal Customs Department has uncovered 105 luxury cars worth nearly RM50 million which were imported using “recycled” APs while doing a routing inspection of 142 vehicles at the department’s AP inspection centre at Petaling Jaya.

Sources say that 37 Aps with different serial numbers were used multiple times to bring in the cars. These cars were mainly Toyota, Mercedes Benz and BMW makes, but also included cars like the Mini Cooper, Nissan Skyline, and Mitsubishi Lancer.

The cars have not been seized yet. Similiar irregularities have also been noticed before, but usually by the time it is noticed, the cars have already been sent off to the importers. The Customs have alerted the Road Transport Department not to allow these cars to be registered.

If you are buying a reconditioned or imported vehicle via grey importers, be careful. You might not be able to register your vehicle if it is imported in a dodgy manner. It’s good that UMW might be bringing in popular Toyota CBUs (Harrier, Wish, etc) this year so we can purchase them through an official channel.

Source: The Star