Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu opened today Malaysia’s first drive-in “massage parlour” rest stop in Malaysia, situated along the North-South Highway. The “massage parlour” is equipped with automatic massage chairs. You know, like OSIM or something like that. It is hoped that these chairs can help ease the tensed muscles of drivers to reduce accident rates. The government plans to open another of these drive-in “massage parlours” this year.

Yes guys, you can get real massages here. Not the dodgy kind of massage. I can see some of you grinning now. I wonder who supplies these massage chairs. Such luck bestowed upon them, obtaining a government tender for road-side massage parlours. They’d better be comfy. I hope these public massage parlours will not end up in the same state as public toilets. It’s not known right now whether this service will be free.