Volvo’s Multi-Fuel is basically a Volvo V70 equipped with a prototype 2.0 litre 5-cylinder turbo-charged engine that can accept five different fuels – hythane, biomethane, natural gas, bioethanol E85 and petrol. It was introduced at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2006, and achieves high performance on any of the 5 fuels.


small_volvo_e85button.jpgThe engine runs best on hythane, a blend of 10% hydrogen and 90% methane. Bioethanol E85 is a blend of 85% bioethanol and 15% petrol. It makes 200 horsepower and takes the Volvo Multi-Fuel V70 from 0-100km/h in 8.7 seconds.

The Volvo Multi-Fuel V70 has one large tank and two smaller tanks for a total of 98 litres of gaseous fuels (hythane, biomethane, and natural gas), as well as a 29-litre tank for liquid fuels like bioethanol E85 and petrol. The small gaseous tanks are made of steel while the large tank is made of a gas tight aluminium liner reinforced with high performance carbon fibre composite and an exterior layer of hardened fibre-glass composite. They are stored below the luggage compartment floor. To switch between types of fuels, the driver simply needs to press a button.


Video: Volvo Multi-Fuel Car