Proton will be bringing in new models like the Gen2, Satria Neo, Savvy and Waja into the Indonesian car market in January 2007. It currently sells the Proton Wira there, which are assembled at it’s Cikarang plant in West Java. The USD$20 million Cikarang plant has a full capacity of 50,000 cars a year, or 4166 cars a month, but currently only outputs 300 Proton Wiras a month.

The Proton Wira is mainly marketed as a taxi in Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan, and will continue to be sold there to the same target market of taxi drivers. Proton admits however, that the Indonesian market currently seems to be particularly interested in MPVs.

Proton aims to sell 3,000 cars a year there once it’s Indonesian operations are fully set up. Which makes me wonder, if 3,000 is a target, then how much is being sold now? 300 Proton Wiras produced a month is already 3,600 Wiras a year. Does this mean unsold Wiras are being stockpiled in yards?