A couple of Nissan engineers cooked up this special concept of the Nissan 350Z during their spare times. This reminds me a little of Google’s workplace culture where employees are allowed to work on their own projects during a certain allotted time period. Anyway, more about this black beauty after jump…


One of the key upgrades for this concept GT-S is it’s engine. If you recall, during the production of the Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift, the producers had to turbo their 350Z cars because in stock from it did not have enough power to maintain drifts properly. Well, if they were using the 350Z GT-S, that wouldn’t be necessary anymore. The VQ35DE under the 350Z’s hood is now force inducted with a Novidem supercharger, bringing power up from 300ps to 382ps. Torque goes up from 353Nm to nice 425Nm. This lets the car do the 0-100km/h dash in only 4.8 seconds, that’s a whole second faster than the stock version’s 5.8 second time.

The car also gets an upgraded exhaust system, a Strosek bodykit, as well as wheel and tyre upgrades. Suspension was re-engineered by the team together with Bilstein. The car was built in a way that was pretty much cost effective, allowing easy productionizing of the concept model. This configuration could very likely be offered as a production tune-up kit. The wind-tunnel tested, German-designed Strosek bodykit has aerodynamic properties, increasing downforce on the front and rear. The upgraded exhaust system has a bypass valve that activates at a pre-determined engine speed, giving a nicer exhaust note.

For the moment, the Nissan 350Z GT-S remains a concept car, but it could very well make it into production as a special edition or something along those lines sometime in the future.