For those who loved the sports concept of the Naza 206 Bestari that was shown back in May 2006, especially the lovely twin halo angel eye headlamps – you’ll be pleased to know you can actually buy a production version of the car now.

Naza launched two cars today at it’s new Naza Corporation Gallery in Kampung Pandan – the Naza Sutera Sportivo and the Naza 206 Bestari Sportivo. The two cars are basically higher trim levels of the base cars, kitted out both internally and externally. The following are the features of the two Naza Sportivo models:

Naza 206 Bestari Sportivo

Angle eye headlamps
LED tail lamps
Side mirrors with indicators
16 inch sports alloy wheels
Aluminium fuel cap cover
Twin exhaust pipes

MOMO Pedals
Sports bucket leather seats
Red stitched leather steering
Red and black trim
Packard Bell GPS Navigation

Price: RM76,888.00

Naza Sutera Sportivo

Carbon fiber interior trim
Twin exhaust pipes
15 inch sports alloy wheels


Two tone bucket seats
Sony CD MP3 player
MOMO Pedals
MOMO Shift Knob
MOMO Handbrake
MOMO Steering Wheel

Price: RM39,888.00

In my opinion, the 206 Bestari Sportivo looks stunning, and the Sutera Sportivo is so-so, but the interior of the Sutera Sportivo is really weird. Somehow the MOMO accessories don’t fit the interior of the car, and the big beige and gray bucket seats look weird, as if there’s some problems with the colour coordination (too bad I don’t actually have a photo of this, let me see if I can get one from Naza). This is all personal preference anyway. The 206 Bestari Sportivo looks similiar to the original 206 Bestari Sport Concept, but there are some changes, for example on the concept, the exhaust pipes were twin pipes, with one on the left and one on the right of the rear bumper, but on the production Sportivo version the twin tailpipes are grouped together on one side. Sports alloy wheels design is also different. I’m not too sure how good the performance and fuel consumption of the Peugeot TU3 1.4 litre engine will be dragging along big 16 inch wheels.

The Packard Bell GPS Navigation System in the 206 Bestari Sportivo is particularly interesting. It works like how you would expect a GPS system to work – has maps and gives you directions. Maps of KL and other parts of Malaysia are already preloaded into the device.

I didn’t manage to get any good photos at all, as this wasn’t an exclusive press event, so there were tonnes of other people there, it was almost impossible to get clear shots of the car without some random orange-haired aunty in the way. So pardon me for that, and enjoy whatever photos I managed to get after the post jump.