lexuslogo.jpgFollowing the government’s reduction of excise duties for cars above 3,000cc, car manufacturers have begun revising their prices for big displacement cars in order to offer more competitive prices. Lexus has revised the price of it’s flagship car, the Lexus LS460L to RM777,448 for private registration, a drop of RM64,985 from the previous price of RM842,433. For company registration, the new price is RM796,000, a drop of RM65,000 from RM861,000 previously. These prices are OTR without insurance.

No changes for the lovely Lexus GS300 though, as it’s 3.0 litre engine’s displacement is 2,994cc, just slightly lower than the 3,000cc displacement which enjoyed a reduced rate. However, this also means it already has lower taxes anyway, being in a lower tax band to begin with.

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