Independent automotive warranty specialist Warranty Direct conducted a car reliability study covering more than 450,000 vehicles from 33 manufacturers in the USA and UK, and Mazda came out tops – with almost 92% of Mazda cars surveyed between 3 and 9 years old suffering no mechanical failure of any type.

Mazda’s failure rate was 8.04 per cent of all vehicles aged between three and nine years old. It’s Ford brother Land Rover scored 44.21 percent failure rates, which is ironic considering 4WD vehicles are supposed to be more hardy? Honda comes in at second place, close on Mazda’s trail at 8.90 percent, while Toyota is at third place with 15.78!

Of course, this survey does not reflect the likelihood of mechanical failures of new cars by these manufacturers as they cover old cars between 3 to 9 years old. But you may find this table useful if you want to purchase a second hand car.

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Warranty DIRECT ‘Reliability League Table 2007

Number of mechanical failures reported by policy holders for every 100 vehicles aged between three and nine years old.

  Manufacturer Incidence Rate %
1 Mazda 8.04
2 Honda 8.90
3 Toyota 15.78
4 Mitsubishi 17.04
5 Kia 17.39
6 Subaru 18.46
7 Nissan 18.86
8 Lexus 20.05
9 MINI 21.90
10 Citroën 25.98