Zero Air Pollution, or ZAP, is a US-based company that will be debuting a new vehicle, the ZAP-X, at the North American Dealers Association show next week. ZAP already has electric cars and trucks on sale in the US, so it is not new to the electric vehicle market. The ZAP-X will be using Lotus Engineering’s Versatile Vehicle Architecture. We saw the VVA’s potential sometime last year when Lotus showcased a vehicle called the Lotus APX or Aluminium Performance Crossover, which used the VVA chassis and was powered by a supercharged Lotus “Project NEF” 3.0 V6.

The ZAP-X will seat 7, and will most probably look alot like the APX, however instead of being powered by the V6, it will have in-wheel electric motors – four of them, and this will give about 635hp and a top speed of 250km/h. It looks like the Lotus APX did not go to waste after all. This is also not the first time Lotus has worked with electric vehicles, remember the Tesla Roadster?

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