Ah, the Honda CRX, possibly the most fan favourite of all Honda cars, even beating the Civic Type R in terms of fun versus cost ratio. Believe it or not, American Honda Motor had wanted to push the Honda Insight hybrid as spiritual successor to the CRX. Yes, the shape is about the same, but despite what John Travolta has to say, the Insight is not even close to matching the CRX, only bettering it in perhaps the area of fuel consumption. Apparently after observing European automakers rush to join the race in building small and fun compact cars, Honda intends to revive the CRX as a competitor. The target of everyone seems to be BMW’s successful MINI Cooper, with both Volkswagen (new RR subcompact) and Fiat (New Fiat 500) building MINI-killers.

The new Honda CRX, which would succeed the 92 CRX Del Sol (which wasn’t as big of a success as it’s predecessor btw), will be based on the Honda Fit platform. The Fit platform can definitely be made into a fast car, just look at the Mugen Fit Dynamite or the Mugen Fit Spec D. But many hearing this news have already begun to lament on the choice of the Fit platform, as apparently the rear suspension design does not have what it takes to live up to what’s expected of a CRX’s handling.

To predict what the new Honda CRX would most probably look like, we can refer to the Honda REMIX Concept which was shown to the public late last year. It looks like a CRX and also has the design concept of a CRX – a small car that gives you a jet fighter-like cabin experience powered by a high revving engine with a manual transmission.