Here is a collection of more photos of the upcoming Mazda 2 (or Mazda Demio depending on market) to be revealed at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show this week. The Mazda 2 will come with three engine options to begin with, a 75hp 1.3 litre, an 84hp 1.3 litre as well as a 103hp 1.5 litre.

The stock Mazda 2 can be seen as the green car in this set of photos, but there is an optional Sports Appearance Pack which gives the car a little more sporty flair. You get new bumpers that appear more aggressive, for example the fog lamp inserts curve upwards in the Sports Appearance kit instead of downwards in the standard kit. The Sports Appearance grille is also one with a solid bar running through it, while the standard kit has a mesh grille, pretty much the same idea to differentiate trim level as most Mazda cars – in Malaysia the Mazda6 2.0 has a mesh grille while the higher spec Mazda6 2.3 has the solid bar grille.

The center console design reminds me a little of the Mazda RX8’s, with that circular design in the middle, and I can somehow see a Mickey Mouse head there with the two round airvents looking like Mickey’s ears. Weird design cues there.

More photos after the jump – green is standard, grey is sports pack!