BMW/MINI has finally announced that it’s upcoming stationwagon long wheel base MINI model will be called the Clubman. There was previously a stationwagon old school Mini called the Mini Traveller, however the chances of using that name was pretty unlikely as there were legal issues surrounding that name – someone else has the rights to use it. Therefore the MINI Traveller concept couldn’t go into production as the MINI Traveller.

Instead, it was said that the Clubman name would be used, from another old school Mini model. However, the Clubman name also had some legal problems with it, as Honda owns the name Clubman in Japan, but it looks like with this official announcement all those issues have been ironed out. We can now look forward to the new shooting-brake styled station wagon from MINI.

Look after the jump for a cheeky teaser video of the MINI Clubman.

Video: MINI Clubman Teaser