Many are concerned with the amount of pollutants that a car is expelling from it’s exhaust, and the harm it does to the environment. But strangely, there is not much focus on toxins inside the car, where it affects you directly the most.

The chart above shows results obtained with non-profit environmental group Ecology Center used a portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) device, which identifies the elemental composition of any material to look for known toxins such as chlorine, bromine, arsenic, mercury and others. The presence of these harmful chemicals were checked in the dashboard, steering wheel, carpet, armrests and other locations. You actually breathe in these toxins when you drive your car around, as they get released under heat over time.

Apparently the Nissan Versa has the most harmful interior of all the vehicles they tested. This is the same car Hiro Nakamura drives around in the TV Series Heroes, so perhaps mutation from these chemicals are what’s causing his time travelling powers. Just kidding. It’s also quite strange that the Volvo S40 and V50 would score differently since they are essentially sedan and stationwagon versions of the same car.

We should also be slightly concerned as the Versa is most probably coming to our shores as a Nissan Latio, since lightly camouflaged Latios have been spotted going about test routes in Genting.

There is also another list with vehicles separated according to class here.