This is Infiniti’s EX Concept, a new crossover SUV that’s one segment smaller than the larger FX SUV, taking on the likes of the BMW X3 and the upcoming Audi Q5. It will be displayed at the NYIAS 2007. The EX Concept is most likely to go into production as an EX35, using either a VQ35DE or a VQ35HR engine, though the prior makes more sense to me, since the VQ35DE engine has more torque than it’s HQ sibling, thus being more suitable for an SUV application.

While still a concept at the moment, Infiniti says the EX is 95% ready. Plus some of the features on the concept will not make it into production, for example a liquid crystal glass roof that can change from a transparent state to a more translucent appearance.

Something new is the Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) system, which is an evolution of Infiniti’s existing production Lane Departure Warning System. This further enhances the warning system by actually stopping the sleepy driver from accidentally moving out of his lane rather than just warning him. Brakes are applied individually to begin a yaw movement back into the intended lane.

One more rear view shot after the jump.