Nissan has announced it’s new next-generation V6 engines for front-engined, rear wheel drive vehicles. The new VQ series comes in two displacements – the 2.5 litre VQ25HR and the 3.5 litre VQ35HR. The engines will make it’s debut in the new Nissan Skyline (no, this is not the new GTR) and the Infiniti G35 this autumn.

Improvements include reduction of weight and friction through adoption of asymetrical piston skirt configuration, reduction of piston-side force through lengthening of con rod and the addition of a rudder frame, newly-designed cylinder block with improved cylinder block. Friction is reduced via the use of the world’s first hydrogen-free, diamond-like carbon coating.

The intake valves have continuously variable valve timing control (CVTC) while the exhaust valves have electromagnetic valve timing control (e-VTC). Not sure what the difference is between these two technologies. Intake resistance is reduced through symmetrical twin intakes, and straight intake ports. The exhaust manifold design has also been improved.

The HR in the new engine codes mean “High Revolution”. While the previous generation VQ engine, the VQ35DE had a redline of 6,500rpm and made it’s peak power at 6,200rpm, the new VQ35HR will rev up to a 7,500rpm redline. No power figures were quoted by Nissan, but expect the new VQ35HR to make more than 300 horses. In fact, the number should be about 306hp SAE, which is what the 2007 Infiniti G35 which uses this engine is supposed to be putting out.

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