The Mofaz Group says it’s marketing and distribution strengths will be able to help turn Proton around, and is banking on this fact to win the Khazanah Nasional stake in Proton. “Technically, you have to go with the technical people. In terms of marketing and distribution, we are already very experienced in this field,” said Mofaz’s senior vice president Nik Izani Nik Ibrahim.

I’m not sure why a company that expects it’s 2007 sales growth to mainly come from it’s beverage sales thinks it can turn around an automotive company that has most of it’s woes in the manufacturing part, not sales and marketing part. There are plenty of Proton dealers – too many in fact! It’s manufacturing where Proton fails, not being able to get good economies of scale as well as not keeping up to international QC standards.

Proton needs a manufacturing and technical partner, not a marketing partner.