Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 has been available in Malaysia since November 2006, with prices pegged at RM580,000 for the 3.0 litre TDI turbodiesel variant, and RM750,000 for the V8-powered Audi Q7 4.2 FSI Tiptronic. But as for it’s official launch, that just happened recently in the previous week. Prices are not exactly the same – the 3.0 TDI is now RM580,200, while the 4.2 TSI V8 is now pegged at RM750,200.

The Audi Q7 3.0 TDI is powered by a V6 turbodiesel that puts out 233 horsepower at 4,000rpm, and 500Nm of torque from between 1,750rpm to 2,750rpm. The V8 petrol variant makes 350 horsepower at 6,800rpm and 440Nm of torque at 3,500rpm. Yeah, this is not the same 4.2 V8 as the one in the Audi RS4, but a detuned, lower revving version. Check out more on the Audi Q7 through the links below.

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