Satria Neo Track

If you’ve ordered a Proton Satria Neo, as with any car, there are a few things you need to check before you accept delivery of the car. There is a thread on the Satria Neo Club forums that is 9 pages long and provides many useful details on things you should watch out for before signing the acceptance form. Here are a few:

  • Make sure CAPTOR alarm system is registered
  • Check rear seat fitment
  • Check front passenger seat “slide forward” mechanism
  • Check headlamps
  • Check if chassis/engine number is same as the one on the registration card

I’ve only listed some as a “teaser”, and there are many more, so head on to this particular Satria Neo Club forums thread to read up. The Satria Neo is an excellent drive, it handles really well, so it would be a pity if your unit has problems. These checks will help you get a car that is as problem-free as possible, so your car can spend more time where it belongs – on the road rather than the service center. With early detection, many problems can be solved more quickly.

Link: Essentials before picking up your Neo forum thread