Proton BLM Spyshot

What’s this now? Reader Chris sent in these photos of a new Proton sedan spotted on the North South Expressway. We assume it is a Proton because the Proton GEN2 CPS 1.6 hatchback in the post right before this was travelling along with it, and the trade plates are just one number apart.

It is a sedan, and at first glance I thought it was a Proton GEN2 Sedan on test together with it’s faster, CPS-equipped hatchback siblings. Then I noticed the disguise was a little different on this one, it was much more covered up than the usual GEN2 Sedans we’ve already seen driving around. It was also missing the beesting antenna that was on the earlier Proton GEN2 Sedan spyshots.

It looks smaller – the GEN2 Sedan’s boot is much longer. This looks more like a new B-Segment car, which matches the profile of Proton’s upcoming BLM model replacement for the Proton Saga or Proton Iswara, depending on which generation you want to refer to it as. Some call it a Savvy sedan.

There is another photo of the front after the jump, however nothing much is revealed as the disguise is pretty thick. You do get to see some of the headlamp detail though, but it’s very minimal. Nevertheless, I expect the headlamp design to be stunning as with all the new generation Proton cars.

Thank you very much Chris, for sending these photos in!

Proton BLM Spyshot