[ UPDATE: The facelifted Proton GEN2 with a new range of Campro IAFM and Campro CPS engines has been launched in Malaysia! Click for more details. ]

[ UPDATE: The facelifted Proton GEN2 with the Campro CPS engine has been unveiled at the 2007 Thailand Motor Expo. Click here for more details and specifications! ]

These black Proton GEN2s with trade plates were spotted on the North South Expressway on what is presumably a test run. Reader Chris managed to snap photos of the cars, and it appears that the badging on the rear of the car does not say the usual stylized Campro wording, but something else that looks like a three letter acronym.

One would immediately assume CPS as what many other people have reported, but if you look carefully it seems to say something like CNP or CMP or something, though it may just be an effect of a low resolution photo and a stylized CPS wording.

Proton CPS LogoUPDATE: I managed to get a higher resolution photo from Chris. A zoomed in view shows that the logo indeed says CPS, but the letter S seems to have some funky styling to it. I’ve traced it rather noob-ly with a white paintbrush… hmm, doesn’t look very good. Nevermind, let’s hope CPS performs better than it’s logo looks.

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