[ UPDATE #2: Proton Waja CPS 1.6 now in showrooms! Read the link for more details and photos. ]

[ UPDATE: The facelifted Proton GEN2 with the Campro CPS engine has been unveiled at the 2007 Thailand Motor Expo. Click here for more details and specifications! ]

Reader apexg2 sent in these forums posted on the Team Campro forums, of the latest facelift of the Proton GEN2 5-door aeroback. Note this is the aeroback, not the sedan. There has been some changes to the front bumper as well as the grille, which is noticeably larger now. There are no photos of the rear, but it is reported that the wordings CPS 1.6 is written on the rear, which could mean the Campro will finally be coming with the long awaited CPS (Cam Profile Switching) feature! apexg2 also noted that the engine sound was quite different from other Campro engines.

Sources say that the exterior will not be the biggest change with the GEN2 Facelift, but more of the interior and under the engine bay. The interior is said to be vastly improved in terms of build and ergonomics over the current GEN2’s.

BTW, just a word for the generous contributor of these photos, the Team Campro forums is a forum that focuses on the discussion of the S4PH and S4PE Campro engines and the cars that are powered by these two engines.

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The original GEN2 Aeroback:

Original GEN2 Aeroback