BMW M3 Coupe Panning Shot

BMW is currently having it’s press test drive in Spain this month, unfortunately you won’t be reading a first hand impression on this blog. No worries though, as I’ve heard there are selected Malaysian journalists going on the trip, so you’ll be able to pick up your favourite motoring magazines and most likely read about it next month.

Anyhow, Car Magazine from the UK has already posted their first impression of the new E92 BMW M3 Coupe on their website, so I urge you to go check it out. They even have two professionally shot videos (after the jump) of the car being pushed to the limits on the Spanish countryside as well as what looks like a private open field track. Despite the techno background music, you can still hear the rumble of the V8 pretty clearly.

First impressions:

  • A more mature feel instead of the madness of the E46 M3
  • Aural experience very different from the previous car because of engine type
  • More torque to be desired on the low-end of the rev range
  • Noticable understeer, partly because of nature of the custom Michelin tyres
  • Noticable body roll, but suspension more comfortable
  • Light steering, could be better with more feel and feedback
  • Easy to keep the car sideways thanks to M-diff, but car feels less confident doing it
  • Comfy interior

Read Car Magazine’s full take on the E92 BMW M3!

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Video: Car Magazine BMW M3 V8 – 1 [Source]

Video: Car Magazine BMW M3 V8 – 2 [Source]