BMW M3 Coupe

Latest Update: BMW M DKG – dual clutch transmission for the BMW M3!

BMW will be offering the production version of the BMW M3 with two transmission options – a 6-speed manual as stated in all press releases so far, as well as a new transmission unit that BMW calls M DCT.

Coincedentally using initials that could stand for Dual Clutch Transmission, the M DCT transmission is a 7-speed transmission with dual clutches, helping the gearbox shift faster and smoother compared to BMW’s SMG currently in the BMW M5 and M6. There is no indication of shift times at the moment though, so we’ll have to wait and see if it beats the DSG in how quick it swaps cogs on the upshifts.

Available in M3s sold March 2008 onwards, the transmission will be made by Getrag, but will be exclusively for BMW use only, much like Volkswagen and BorgWarner’s exclusive partnership with DSG.


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