Here is the full scoop on the new seven speed dual clutch transmission to debut in the BMW M3. Instead of M DCT as previously speculated, the transmission will be called the BMW M DKG instead, presumably meaning the same in German.

A BMW M3 with a 6-speed manual goes from 0 to 100kmh in 4.8 seconds, but with the new M DKG dual clutch transmission, shift time is shaved off by 0.2 seconds to 4.6 seconds. As with most twin clutch transmissions, you have the odd gears on one shaft and the even gears on the other, and upshifts are instantaneous because the next gear is pre-selected. The M DKG is a wet clutch system.

Drivelogic allows 11 different shift patterns – 5 automatic and 6 manual. There is also a separate Low Speed Assistant mode which allows the M DKG transmission to be smoother during slow maneuvering at speeds of less than 5km/h – parking your car for instance. It increases the smoothless and degree of accelerator control achievable by the driver. On the Volkswagen DSG, the throttle is actually way too snappy for you to park your car comfortably. This is because of the nature of the gearbox, essentially robotically controlled clutches,

Of course, manual shifting is available either by pushing and pulling the gear knob, or via paddle shifts on the steering.

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