BMW M3 Convertible

Latest Update: BMW M DKG – dual clutch transmission for the BMW M3!

BMW has unveiled the new BMW M3 Convertible at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show, but coverage on that will come right after. Now we’ll have a look at some more details on the long-awaited BMW M DCT, BMW’s first twin clutch gearbox!

The new BMW M DCT twin clutch gearbox, like other twin clutch transmissions, will allow gear changes with very minimal interruption of power. It features Drivelogic, with 11 electronically controlled driving programs – 6 manual and 5 automatic. Each program is tailored to different scenarios.

A BMW M3 Convertible with the M DCT goes from 0 to 100km/h faster than one equipped with a manual transmission – 5.1 seconds versus 5.3 seconds. The M DCT’s 7-speeds means one extra ratio over the manual box.

Expect the next generation BMW M5 and BMW M6 to feature this new Getrag-sourced M DCT transmission too. BMW’s SMG3 gearbox will be phased out with the advent of this more advanced gearbox.

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