BMW 135i Coupe

A brochure for the BMW 1-series coupe has been leaked out onto the internet, and it reveals to use some juicy details about the BMW 135i, which BMW wants to position as the new BMW for driving purists, something to replace the likes of the E30 M3.

We find out that the 135i Coupe has an unladen weight of 1,560kg, and the BMW 335i Coupe according to BMW Malaysia’s website has a weight of 1,505kg. Now that can’t be right. How can the 135i Coupe be heavier than the 335i Coupe?

Taking a look at the 135i Coupe’s brochure again, it appears that BMW UK calculates their weight differently by including a 90% tank filling, 68kg for driver, and 7kg for luggage. So we compare to the BMW UK figures for the BMW 335i Coupe and we get 1600kg for the manual, and 1615kg for the automatic.

That’s a mere 40kg difference between the 135i Coupe and the 335i Coupe, both manual versions and running the same 3.0 litre twin turbo engine. How will this attract the driving purists who want something light and “tossable”?

40kg is kinda like the weight of an underweight female passenger. The only thing the 135i has going for it is a shorter wheelbase and a smaller body. But maybe BMW has something else up it’s sleeves – no one has driven the 135i Coupe yet. Maybe it is better drive, some way, some how.


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