Mitsubishi Concept-cX
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Set to debut at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, this is Mitsubishi’s Concept-cX. It is what Mitsubishi calls an accessible, affordable, sustainable and realistic solution to today’s pressing issues.

Not only satisfying the public’s crave for sporty crossovers, it is also green as it uses a next generation 1.8 litre Clean Diesel engine mated to an automated manual transmission – perhaps the Twin Clutch SST? Even the interior trim is environmentally friendly, using “Green Plastics”, a proprietary plant-based resin technology.

The Concept-cX will also serve as a preview of Mitsubishi’s next generation family of powertains to first debut in 2009, which will include turbodiesel engines that feature variable geometry diffuser turbochargers… which I think is the same a Variable Geometry Turbocharger.