Audi has slotted it’s recently announced 2.8 litre FSI V6 into it’s flagship Audi A8 sedan, giving it a relatively good fuel consumption of 8.3 litres per 100km – not bad at all for a huge limo. The new Audi Valvelift-equipped FSI V6 puts out 210 horsepower and 280Nm of torque between 3,000rpm and 5,000rpm.

This new variant also gets facelifted on the inside and outside together with the new engine option. Audi engineers have made the steering more direct, and running gear has been reengineered to provide better handling. The adaptive air suspension has also been tweaked, and noise insulation has been improved.

The new facelifted Audi A8 also has new active safety features added to the car 0 these include Audi Lane Assist and Audi Side Assist. Audi Side Assist uses radar to warn the driver of dangerous lane-changing maneuvers. A yellow LED in the wing mirror housing lights up if there is another vehicle in the next lane, and this LED gets progressively brighter and flashes more quickly as the situation gets more critical.

Audi Lane Assist uses a small camera positioned above the rear view mirror to warn the driver of unintentional departure from the lane, thanks to a sensor connected to the camera that detects the lane marking lines on the road.

Audi has sold over 100,000 units of the Audi A8 so far.

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