The first sightings of the BMW 3-Series Sedan facelift have appeared on the internet at E90 Post, and they reveal a new bumper design which feature a central air vent with two smaller vents flanking it that feature a little bar going across them much like what BMW has done with the E70 X5‘s bumper. Ignore that little orb that’s in the central air vent – it’s not some centrally mounted foglamp of sorts. That’s just the distance sensor for the Active Cruise Control, something you can already see on current BMWs equipped with it.

On the rear, parts of the tail lamps are taped up, which could mean a redesign of sorts. I am not a fan of the current E90 tail lamps – something that resembles the current 7-Series facelift and the E92 3-Series Coupe would looks much better on the car and make it look wider as well. The hood also looks taped up, so it might be redesigned.

It looks like BMW has decided to keep the more aggressive E92 nose job exclusively for the BMW M3 Sedan, which is a pity. But I am sure you’ll be able to do some aftermarket modification magic with the M3 sedan’s front panels and headlamps onto your vanilla 3-Series Sedan.

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