BMW M3 Sedan in Snow

Here is another spyshot of the upcoming E90 BMW M3 Sedan, which will join it’s Coupe brother the E92 BMW M3 Coupe soon. Another variant of the BMW M3 coming up soon is the E93 BMW M3 Convertible, and I’m not sure if the E91 3-Series Touring will be made into an M3 as well, but since the E60 M5 now comes in Touring form, why not?

Once again, these spyshots of the M3 Sedan show the E90 Sedan with an E92 Coupe front end, which looks so much better than the E90 front end with it’s inset flat faced kidney grilles look instead of having them protrude and look menacing. I wonder if the upcoming E90 Sedan facelift will feature this new front end as well, or if it’s only exclusive to the E90 M3 Sedan.

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