Mercedes Benz logoMercedes-Benz has been building it’s transmissions like the 7G-Tronic in-house, unlike most manufacturers who buy them from a transmission specialist, like how BMW gets it’s sweet quick-shifting 6-speed autos from ZF.

In an effort to cut costs and increase innovation, Mercedes-Benz is now considering sourcing transmission from a third party transmission builder. It is on the lookout for an 8-speed dual clutch transmission for next generation Mercedes-Benz cars.

It’s rival BMW has M DCT, a 7-speed dual clutch transmission sourced exclusively from Getrag. Getrag also supplies dual clutch transmissions to Ford, branded as Powershift. The next generation 7-Series is expected to get an 8-speed automatic from ZF. Japanese rival Lexus gets it’s 8-speed automatic transmissions from Aisin.