Toyota Landcruiser

The new Toyota Landcruiser is even larger now, and it will make it’s world debut at the 2007 Sydney Motor Show sometime early next month. The Landcruiser is the Toyota-badged cousin of the Lexus LX, and this new version is 60mm longer, 30mm wider and 15mm taller in terms of roofline than the model it replaces. The Landcruiser’s wheelbase remains the same at 2850mm.

The new Landcruiser will also be used to introduce Toyota’s new Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System technology, or KDSS for short. It works like BMW’s Dynamic Drive active stabilizer bar system. Other than having the ability to be adjusted on the fly, he stabilizer bars can also be completely disconnected to allow for a longer suspension stroke during off-road situations.

It’s construction still uses a body-on-frame design that has been strengthened in this latest revision to increase safety, reduce noise and vibration as well as enhance interior comfort. The front suspension now uses a double-wishbone setup with coil springs instead the previous version’s torsion bar setup. The rear remains a live axle with coil spring setup.

Another new feature is Toyota’s CRAWL system which allows the driver to set the Landcruiser to slowly move over the terrain at speeds between 1km/h to 5/kmh in 3 steps. The CRAWL system will then automatically control the engine and brakes to proceed at the set speed with minimal wheel spin or wheel lock. The brakes are special multi-terrain ABS brakes.

The new Landcruiser will seat 8 people in comfort and protect them with 10 airbags. Wait for the unveiling in Sydney for more details. It will most likely get the new LX570’s 381 horsepower 3UR-FE 5.7 litre Dual VVT-i V8 gasoline engine, and the new 4.5 litre 1VD-FTV, Toyota’s first V8 turbodiesel engine.