Shell V-PowerIm on my way to the Circuit De Catalunya 2008! Well… not quite, yet. But I could be. Anyway, the next time you fill up at Shell, you could be one of the eight lucky Malaysians to win a grand prix holiday package for the 2008 F1 season.

The contest which is in celebration of Shells 60-year partnership with Ferrari, offers consumers any racing destinations of their choice in Malaysia, Bahrain, Turkey, Spain and Great Britain. Each holiday package comprises of grand stand tickets, return flights, accommodation for two people and RM5,000 cash!

Joining the contest is really simple! You can live your F1 dream by just filling with every RM30 fill-up of any Shell fuel or purchase of Shell Helix products. However, for those who fuel up with Shell V-Power Racing you stand twice the chance of winning. But remember, to qualify all contest forms must be submitted with the original receipt at all Shell stations nationwide.

The good thing about this contest is there is no need to crack your head for a creative slogan. Basically, all you need to do is answer two easy questions. I always avoid contests with slogans as I am not good at slogan writing.

Another good thing is accumulated receipts can also be combined – I did not know that at first. My Perdana’s full tank always maxes out at about RM115 – so there was once I tried forcing in RM120 just so I could get 4 double chances at entering the contest, but the fuel tank overflowed. I had a field time cleaning up that mess.

I think I’ve submitted about 20 over entries already, thanks to two 2.0 litre guzzler cars parked outside my house (yes, I’ve added something else to my garage) and the double entries I get by filling up with Shell V-Power Racing. I know it’s pricier but apparently it has engine-cleaning properties… or maybe I just really want to win. I’ve got my eyes set on Spain. Never seen a F1 race live before, especially not at the Circuit De Catalunya, so if I win – Ole! Actually, theres only 6 left, cause two spots have already been won.

If you’re not one of the lucky winners (like me for the moment, unfortunately), dont fret! You might just be in the running for the 1600 Shell or Ferrari merchandises. The contest is on till November 14, hurry and fuel up at your nearest Shell station, who knows you might bump into me there!

Check out the contest details!