There are alot of Volkswagen Golf GTIs on the roads these days, probably Volkswagen Malaysia’s best selling car. It’s at that magical under RM200K mark too, although just barely at RM198,888.

While the 2.0 litre TFSI engine is sweet, and 200 PS combined with that excellent chassis is more than enough for most people, there will be those who desire more.

Enter the Volkswagen Golf R32, set to give the BMW 130i M Sport a run for its money. This is the car that Jeremy Clarkson picked in a shootout between the two, and it could be in Volkswagen Malaysia showrooms pretty soon thanks to this sighting at JPJ Putrajaya (photos thanks to jD), which is usually where alot of new CBU cars will be parked at for type approval and other procedures before they enter the market.

A launch sometime soon in time for the Christmas season perhaps?

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