Honda Accord GPS

Buyers of the 7th generation facelifted Honda Accord between 1st December 2007 to 31st December 2007 will receive a GPS navigation system called the Gathers Honda Infotainment Navigation System. The “Infotainment” part of the name means the unit includes several non-navigation features like a Bluetooth handsfree, MP3 player, calculator, and a multiple time zone clock. The GPS unit is valued at RM2,300.

The touch screen GPS system is portable, which means you can move it to another car if you require. It comes with a leather case for this purpose. You can view road maps in either 2D or 3D, and the comprehensive map includes useful information like the location of petrol stations, restaurants, and hotels. There is a one time free map update.

From the user interface presented I think we can probably guess that it’s a Garmin-based device just like the Volvo Personal Navigator, which means that if it supports loading maps from SD cards, you could probably use the excellent free maps from Malsingmaps.