Nokia Eco Sensor ConceptThe Nokia Eco Sensor Concept (click image to enlarge) features a high tech analyzer which can analyze carbon monoxide, and other particulates. If this mobile phone ever makes it into production, we could see JPJ officers walking around with it, using it to test your car’s emissions to see if it violates any set regulations – if there are any in the country in the first place.

There are just too many people running around without a catalyst – even I am guilty of this as my first car came with an aftermarket exhaust system that had the catalyst removed.

Just imagine – a summon could be sent to the JPJ database immediately through 3G, and a Bluetooth portable printer could print out a hardcopy of the summon. In fact, the car can be identified using an image recogniser software for number plates, running on the phone. Folks at JPJ in case you’re reading, I can develop something like this if you’re interested, just use the contact form :P