Karamjit in Perlis
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Day One of the first round of the 2008 Felda-AAM Malaysian Rally Championship (FAMRC) in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan is now over, with Team Perodua M5s Lim Leong Onn and Kamarul Anuar establishing themselves as the car to beat at the top of the timesheet, driving a 4WD Perodua Viva Turbo. Team Perodua M5’s other car is a Perodua Myvi Turbo 4WD with Kan Chee Hong and Bernard Chin.

You might wonder what happened to FAMRC 2007’s champion Karamjit Singh. His team is not at its top form this round as instead of his new car, he will be driving a hired front wheel drive Proton Satria 1.6. “Being a front wheel drive, it is slow compared to the Subaru, Mitsubishi and even the Perodua Myvi 4WD, so we dont expect to win this round.” said Karamjit. His own car is stuck in a warehouse in Port Klang.

Another team also switched cars. Gunaseelan Rajoo and his co-driver chose to drive their old 4WD Proton Putra instead of their front wheel drive Proton GEN2 as they would benefit from the extra traction 4WD provided on the tough Bahau course.

More than 20 cars were flagged off today for Day One, which consists of 8 Stages with a total distance of 109.39km. The longest Stage distance for Leg 1 is 16.78km at Feldajaya while the shortest distance is 7.63km at Jerneh. Tomorrow’s course consists of 6 Stages, with a total distance of 72.3km.

Day One claimed 6 cars, including James Russell who suffered engine seizure just 500 meters from the start gate, and Team Pennzoil’s all-women team whose Proton Satria suffered steering and rear suspension damage.