B7 Audi S4

German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport reports that Audi will be replacing it’s 344 horsepower 4.2 litre V8 found in the Audi S4 and other cars with a forced inducted V6 instead, in line with the global trend of engine displacement downsizing and making up for it with highly efficient forced induction. The RS4 will retain a large V8 engine.

The blower of choice for the replacement engine is a supercharger, which will bring the rumoured 3.0 litre FSI V6 to about 350 horsepower. A 290 horsepower, 420Nm of torque version of the engine is also in the works for less high-powered cars like the Audi A6, giving a fuel economy of 9.6 litres per 100km on average.

Shown above is the B7 Audi S4, which the B8 Audi S4 will replace.