Tinted BMW

The Road Transport Department will be revising the existing rules on vehicle tinting so that those who genuinely need a higher level of tint will not be penalised.

The existing rules for tinting calls for a maximum of 70% light penetration for the front windscreen and 50% light penetration for the rear and side windows, except for senior government officials such as the chief judge and high-ranking police and army personnel who are exempted from this rule.

Minister of Transport Datuk Ong Tee Keat says he did not want people to think that “only connected people had the privilege to tint their cars beyond permissible levels.” (Sorry Datuk but I think it’s too late, and it’s not just with tinting!) He also expressed intention to do away with the rule that one has to get approval before applying any extra tint beyond the 70% and 50% levels on their vehicles.

Relaxing the tint rule will be welcomed happily by all motorists for sure. With the recent climate changes all around the world especially with Malaysia being a country near the equator, our current levels of tint cannot cope with the increasing daytime heat.