FN Honda Civic Hatchback

Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co currently sells the Honda Civic sedan in China (as opposed to Guangzhou Honda which decided to develop a C-segment sedan from the City platform as the rights to the Civic belongs to Dongfeng) but was considering launching the hatchback version of the Honda Civic as well.

After some consideration it found that the Euro Civic’s price tag may be a deterrent to sales as its estimated to be about 26,000 yuan higher than the sedan model. The Chinese car buyers who love getting the most metal for their money (they even have a special long wheelbase version of the E60 5-Series) will find it hard to accept that a small hatchback version of the Civic costs more than a larger sedan model.

So Dongfeng has decided to develop its own Civic hatchback, which will be based on the Civic sedan platform. This means a multilink rear suspension instead of the Civic hatchback’s torsion beam.