Honda City-Civic

Honda in China is sold by two companies – Dongfeng Honda and Guangzhou Honda. In the C-segment market, the Honda Civic is sold by Dongfeng Honda, leaving Guangzhou Honda with no car to pitch against Dongfeng’s Civic and other C-segment competitors such as FAW Toyota’s Corolla.

The C-Segment market must be quite important as it warrants Guangzhou Honda taking this problem into its own hands, with the support from Honda Japan of course. Guangzhou Honda will be putting a 1.8 litre motor in the new Honda City and will be stretching it to more Civic-like proportions to pitch it against Honda’s own Honda Civic.

As with all other 1.8 litre latest generation Hondas, the 1.8 litre motor is likely to be from the new R-series SOHC i-VTEC family of engines. As it is based on the City, the new car will probably carry over its rear torsion beam design and other technical features such as the positioning of the fuel tank underneath the passenger cabin.

Chinese publications are currently calling it the CC (City+Civic), and according to a Guangzhou Honda engineer, it will not be called the City and will get a new name. The new car will be priced at roughly the same level as the Civic, currently sold in China for about 150,000 yuan (about RM75,150). It may even be marketed under Guangzhou Honda’s separate “Li Nian” marque.