2009 Honda Life

Will the new small Honda for India be based on this new vehicle? Perhaps, but for the moment let’s have a look at the Japanese market version of the new full model change Honda Life that was launched in Japan earlier this week.

The new Honda Life is available in three styles and two engines. The standard Honda Life is the yellow one you see above, while the Honda Life Pastel is the pink car with a front nose that follows Honda’s new corporate nose more than the other two. Finally, the Honda Life Diva is the top of the line appearance package with a sporty large and wide bumper intake flanked by foglamps at the sides.

The Life, Life Pastel and Life Diva is available with a 660cc 3-cylinder i-DSI engine (52 PS at 7,100rpm, 60Nm of torque at 3,600rpm) in both FWD and 4WD models while the Life Pastel and the Life Diva has another turbocharged 660cc 3-cylinder i-DSI version (64 PS at 6,000rpm and 93Nm of torque at 4,000rpm), also in FWD and 4WD. All are mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Honda Life

The car is built on a monocoque chassis with MacPherson struts at the front and a torsion beam at the rear for FWD versions, while 4WD versions get a 3-link de Dion tube at the rear. The power steering settings and suspension geometry have been optimized for a light, nimble feel when maneuvering the car.

On the interior, the front passenger and driver gets a hip point 35mm higher than the previous life, which makes entering and exiting the Life easier. The windows, pillars and headlight markets have also been opimised for this new hip point. The new rear suspension design now allows the distance between the front and rear seats to increase by a massive 85mm, increasing rear occupant space by a large margin. Rear seat cushion thickness has been increased by 25mm (Honda says it is now as thick as the Accord’s), seat length increased by 55mm, seat back height incrased by 50mm, and the rear headroom now gains an extra 60mm.

The cheapest Honda Life Type-C with the normally aspirated 660cc engine in FWD costs 945,000 Yen (RM34,277) including consumption tax while the most expensive model is nearly twice the price at 1,680,000 Yen (RM60,938) including consumption tax for the Life Diva Turbo Styling Package with the 660cc i-DSI turbo engine.

Still kind of expensive… for this to become a low cost car for the Indian market it still needs to have some cost slashing.

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