Ferrari 430 16M Scuderia Spider

And here we have it, a slightly mixed up creation by Ferrari – a hardcore stripped down rear engined, rear wheel drive racing car… with a convertible roof! This is the drop top version of the 430 Scuderia and its been christened the Ferrari 430 16M Scuderia Spider, limited to only 499 units. It’s apparently to celebrate their F1 team’s 2008 constructor championship title.

The 16M Scuderia Spider shaves 80kg (as a comparison, the 430 Scuderia shaved 100kg off the regular F430 coupe) off the regular spider through the omission of a few stuff like floormats and other weight reduction measures such as increased use of carbon fiber. Playing around with product tie-ins a little, there is also a Ferrari-customised Apple iPod Touch integrated into the center dock in front of the dashboard.

Unlike the 430 Scuderia which featured the single clutch F1-Superfast2 transmission, the 430 16M Scuderia Spider gets an even faster shifting 6-speed twin clutch transmission for uninterrupted power transfer. Interestingly this is one cog down from the 7 speeds in the Ferrari California, I wonder why.

0 to 100km/h only takes a blistering 3.7 seconds, thanks to the power unit which is the highly tuned direct injection 4.3 litre unit from the Ferrari California putting out 510 horsepower at 8,500rpm and 470Nm of torque at 5,250rpm. It revs up to a limiter of 8,640rpm.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Ferrari 430 16M Scuderia Spider
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