Lotsu 2-Eleven GT4 Supersport

The Lotus Sport 2-Eleven GT4 Supersport race car is a race-prepped Lotus 2-Eleven designed in compliance with the rules of the European SRO GT4 Supersports category.

The standard car’s supercharged engine has been upped from 255 PS to 270 PS and a marginal increase of torque from 242Nm to 247Nm, which Lotus says is thanks to “improved induction and exhaust systems, a high ratio supercharger drive system for increased levels of boost, and a remapped ECU” but with those kind of improvements I reckon it’s just thanks to the free-er flowing intake and exhaust.

The engine is mated to an LSD-equipped 6-speed sequential transmission with a centrally-mounted push/pull lever for quick gearshifts and also a gear selection display. The transmission and engine are tightly integrated, allowing automatic downshift-blipping for rev matching and flat upshifts.

HANS and FIA-approved carbon fiber Lotus Sport seats are installed matched with a Schroth 6-point race harness. Fuel is stored in a 70 litre FIA approved bag tank, and the car also has a plumbed-in fire extinguisher system. The suspension has been uprated with stiffer springs and race dampers from Ohlins that are 2-way adjustable. The rear suspension has new race-spec rear toe links.

Other equipment includes a full rollcage and for aerodynamics – a rigid tonneau cover, a carbon fibre rear wing and rear diffuser and a front splitter. As a result, 80kg of downforce is generated at speeds of 160km/h.

Only 10 units of the race car will be produced, priced at £78,255 (RM420,025 at current exchange rates) and the first cars will be delivered in March 2009. Some of the car’s specs can also be retrofitted to existing Lotus 2-Elevens.