gm logoGeneral Motors has filed a request to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to prevent the public from tracking the journeys its private planes make, which is apparently one of the options available to private plane leasers and is not a special request.

This comes after GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner was criticised by lawmakers and the public for spending approximately US$20,000 on a private flight to ask for a US$25 billion bailout together with the other Detroit Three heads, when a first class plane ticket costs much less.

There could have been many reasons why a private plane was used at a much much higher cost instead of a commercial airline such as logistics problems or timing problems, but it still looks really bad to observers and I believe right now GM has alot more problems to deal with other than trying to stop people from tracking ihow it uses its private planes.

This action probably makes people feel like they’re trying to cover something up, and a little more transparency could do wonders for its bail-out cause right now. If you want to track US air traffic yourself, just head on to this site. A quick check shows that GM’s Gulfstream G350 with a N5116 tail code has already been blocked from being tracked on FlightAware, but is still available here. GM planes have the tail code N5113 to N5117.

But still, I believe that the Congress wants to save their Big 3 somehow, they just don’t know how to do it and I suppose are disappointed that the heads of the companies themselves gives them the impression that don’t seem to know either.

Look after the jump to view some videos of the hearing between the U.S. lawmakers and the Detroit 3 CEOs.

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