A few readers have spotted the new 2009 Honda City being transported on trailers on the highways in Malaysia. They don’t have much disguise on them, just some white cloth or some other material covering up the front and rear of the car, and even that is a little translucent so we get to see the tail lamps peeking through.

From the shots, we are able to gauge some minor details on how the new Honda City will be offered here in Malaysia. For one, we are getting the Asian design for the City which features a sleeker-looking side profile. The European version has some strips on the side of the car which makes the car taller than it really is, and that kind of messes up its sporty profile. There will be at least two variants for sure as there are two sets of alloy wheel designs featured on the cars being carries. One is a more traditional 5 spoke design while the other is the Y-spoke alloys belonging to the more expensive model.

The colour variants we are able to observe here are only two colours – the blue City and the black City. There will of course be a silver City looking at how popular that colour is in Malaysia, but no sign of the delicious red one at the moment. A white coloured Honda City would look good too (white is very popular now), as demonstrated by the white coloured unit spotted in China way before the City was unveiled.

The new Honda City will be launched before the end of this week. Look after the jump for more shots of the new Honda City. Photos thanks to Kevin Lee and Stephen Loh.

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