Honda NSX

Shortly after announcing Honda’s withdrawal from Formula One, Honda’s Takeo Fukui has announced that the new Honda NSX project has been scrapped, though some are speculating that it’s actually just frozen for the time being. Apparently the move is part of efforts to cut costs in the increasingly challenging automaker environment.

The Honda NSX would have been a supercar with a screaming V10 mounted up front, a departure from the original NSX’s V6-powered mid-mounted layout. In fact, there have already been prototypes sighted on test in places like the Nurburgring, but I guess it’s just not meant to be, for now at least. Instead, expect any dedicated sports car offerings coming out of Honda to be small, light and come with a fuel cell or hybrid engine, pretty much like the Honda CR-Z Concept, in line with the green image that Honda is working hard to project now.